Episode 011 - Just Use Tape

First on a rather blurry list..... accents.

Scott has been pimpin' himself on Nerd Hurdles & the Dharma Dummies.

We reply to an Email from oriSTUDFARM of Scutter Cast and talk about the time thing again (this one won't go away!), products that have changed their name and Alpha-Betty Spaghetti.

In the news (old and new): the console shocker & 20 useless gadgets.

We also take a look at the 'Most irritating Phrases' in the English language, a meet of Where's Waldo look-a-llikes and go through the 'Universal Record Data Base' with records from the longest Vulcan ears, the most bead necklace's, the most cigaretts lit in one go, and the longest bruise.

Scott finishes up by looking at a video game swap site.

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