Episode 035 - Scott’s Never Had Marmite

Welcome listeners to another episode of Bombast.  Why do we stick very hot food in our mouth? Why do we press buttons harder instead of changing the batteries? These are the two questions posed by Elton ............ because he does both.  The guys then reminisce about the old Track n Field video game (there's a link to play it in the show notes), skip over an email, and find out Scott's house has been put up for sale.

In news, Humans are killed for fat (this story has been shot to sunshine now, tune in next episode), Placenta is rubbed into the ankle of a football player & Miss Argentina dies after an operation on her bottom.

Marmite is also stolen.

The episode is rounded off nicely with a 'Save Fruit Pie the Magician' web site.

A BIG thank you for everyone who has sent in their body parts (unwanted or otherwise) we have loads but need more. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks for giving us a go.  We hope you enjoy it and spread the word.

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