Episode 039 - Some Monkeys Like It

Well, it's taken almost a year but here we are with our very first Live Call-in show.  And guess what.... we had a caller! We got to speak to him and everything!

But before we get into that, if and when we go Live again you can find us in the Ustream room where you can join the chat room and listen live.  Once there we'll let you know what line to Skype us on.  If things go well then we'll upgrade to a phone number.

Any future shows will be topic based call-ins so please feel free to join in, remember we (we = Elton) are more scared of you, than you are of us. :-)

Anyway..... Elton creates podcasting history by eating Christmas cake, we set out a couple of topics. Scott is nearly crushed by a compactor, Rick from Starbase 66 calls, Big spiders, predictions run free.

If you pee in a pool does it turn purple?

We finish with Police sledging on riot shields.

Thank you for listening, hope you enjoy.  Please spread the word.


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