Episode 045 - Mind Your Butt

Congratulations! You've found episode 45 of An Apotheosis of a Bombast.  Well done.

This week Elton asks if 3" is a lot & offers to pay for your name change.  Feedback has been received from Ross (Creeping with Armstrong) in the shape of a Jet pack video and an armored golf cart article.

Bad things happen to people in the news.  A man falls down a lift shaft, a lady drives home with another lady......... half way through her windscreen, a quadriplegic man falls at an AC/DC gig, toys go on holiday and a man is washed up on a beach with total memory loss although Elton thinks he's from the future.

This weeks site is about the top 10 recurring dreams during which we break the news that cheese rolling has been canceled.

Enjoy you wonderful lot!

oh and iTunes reviews are always welcome. Just saying ;-)

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