Episode 072 - Enjoy Your Last Meal

Welcome you lovely listener.  You've either downloaded or stumbled upon this weeks edition of Bombast, good for you.

So your wondering what Elton and Scott will be discussing eh?  Well, if you happen to end up on death row what would your final meal be? What are the rules? and would you rush your food?

They also talk about moon landings, alien babies & beasts caught in deer traps.

In news more fish die, a man sneezes & a peeing policewoman in riot gear.

I'm sure there was the topics of 'whats ever fallen out of your nose' and 'what way round do a Lego mans hands go' in there somewhere..... if you've got any mail on these then please send it in..... oh go on. :-)

Thank you once again for downloading and supporting us.  Don't forget the Facebook page and to spread the word.


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