Episode 084 - None Of Us Have Any Morals

Welcome listeners to An Apotheosis of a Bombast.

This week, as Scott is away Lording it up in the sun, Elton has invited four 'Guest Producers' in the shape of Dave Robinson, Mike Carson, Richard Smith and Andrew Dickerson to help him through the world of news and websites.

News takes the guys through the Rapture and Zombies, circumcision, a German orgy, a baby named 'Like', Police chasing a cuddly toy, a Woman with a sword, Russel Brand and Dead or Alive.

The website search bemuses the team as they discover the wonderful 'Hover Car'.

If you enjoy this episode then please dive into the archives, there's lots of great stuff there.

Contact Elton and Scott @ bombastpodcast@gmail.com

Please visit Mikes Flicker page and Tech it or Leave it, a tech podcast from Rich and Andrew available on Simply Syndicated.com (All links are in the show notes @ https://bombastpodcast.podbean.com

Oh, and please spread the word.


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