Episode 089 - Bring A Bigger Suitcase

Hello there you lovely lot and if it's your first time, Welcome!

You've managed to find/accidentally download/stumble upon/click the wrong link to the world of An Apotheosis of a Bombast.  Well done you.

This week Scott and Elton literally listen to a cartoon tiger on the loo, pee in the shower, a man tries to escape jail in a suitcase, read an e-mail and ask questions.

The guys have also decided that all cats, from now on, should be called Ian.

Hopefully you'll enjoy and come back again.  If you do, please spread the word, visit the Facebook page, check out the show notes @ https://bombastpodcast.podbean.com or send an E-mail to bombast@gmail.com

Also check out www.roguetwo.com for more great shows.


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