God Calls & Gets Cross

This is a quick but special episode of An Apotheosis of a Bombast.

As you may remember a little while ago Elton had a sales call which he recorded, packaged up and sent it out to you wonderful people to download and enjoy (The 'No Win No Fee' Call).  Well here's another one..... just for you.

This time around it's a call from a 24talk sales man.... opps.... no, this is not a sales call...... it's a call to see if we're interested... kind of.

Anyway hopefully you'll enjoy.  If you do please spread the word about An Apotheosis of a Bombast.  E-mail's are always welcome @ bombastpodcast@gmail.com , Join the Facebook page and add to the news stories, if you have time you could write a review in iTunes which would really help the show or you could find Elton (@eltonmcmanus) & Scott (@shc1970) on twitter.


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