Show Notes - Ep 004

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 004 Show Notes

Music (Relentless by Peter John Ross compliments of - it's "Relentless" not "Defenseless")

1. Open

  • Elton doesn't taste the stuff they use to melt snow in England, but he did build a snowman - and it was nekkid!

2. Scott 's weird news and Elton's reactions

3. Elton found 499 "useless facts" after poking around on

4. Elton tests Scott on whether he can recognize the phony diseases

5. Closing

  • We might did upgrade our account so we can get more detailed stats about YOU
  • Winona Ryder is not working out as a guest, so we are looking for alternates.
  • This episode's moral (Elton with some creative editing by Scott) - "Eat immortal jellyfish wrapped up in honey!"
  • Music Credits: intro and exit music by Peter John Ross, compliments of

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