Show Notes - Ep 014

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 014 Show Notes

Intro Music (The Star Wars Ewok Gospel by Andrew Zilch - download the mp3 here)

1. Open

  • Carry over from Simply Syndicated's live call in Make it So episode #100 where the "gang" started rumors Scott was banned for his stance on Tribbles vs. Ewoks
  • We've made it past the first quarter of 52 episodes
  • Still no winner in the Easter Egg Hunt (see show notes for Episode 12)
  • Elton was tricked into double tipping.

2. Elton's weird news and Scott's reactions

3. Elton found some cool online games

4. Scott discusses's 11 things Back to the Future 2 Got Right and Got Wrong.

5. Scott quizzes Elton on the meaningful-ness of various product claims.

6. Closing

  • It's Elton's Birthday on May 2.
  • This episode's moral (Scott) - "It's Elton's Birthday"
  • Exit music: Happy Day You were Born by Parry Gripp

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