Show Notes Ep 038

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 038 Show Notes

Intro Music - "Relentless" by Peter John Ross @

1. Is this the 20's or the 2000's?

2. Christmas came and went.

3. An update on Scott's son's gift for his Christmas crush

4. An update on the Human Bombast (body part donations due before release of Episode 040)

5. Hangman - how do YOU play?

6. Elton found a drink with an interesting name no comment

7. TV recommendations

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Better Off Ted
  • Arrrested Development
  • This Life

8. Recommended Website - the trailer mashups at

9. Closing

  • This episode's moral (Elton) - “Sometimes you have to go for the feet as well"
  • Continue to write to us, tweet @ us, and let us know you're out there.
  • Please send us your experience with misheard/unknown song lyrics.
  • Exit audio: Norm MacDonald's 12 Days of Christmas skit
  • Don't be afraid to look through the old episodes - there's a lot of good stuff there.

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