Show Notes Ep 049

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 047 Show Notes

Intro Music - “Relentless” by Peter John Ross @

1. Intro

ReThinking LOST makes the New York Times

Update on the Amazon review story.

2. News

Rogue wave saves man from suicide

Binman keeps the body of his roommate for ten years

The Human Centipede

A towel folding robot

Stephen Hawking warns us of Aliens

3. A spot of Kokology.

4. Closing

  • This episode’s moral (Scott) - “A foul stench should jog your memory”
  • Continue to write to us, tweet @ us, and let us know you’re out there.
  • Exit audio: “Relentless” by Peter John Ross
  • Don’t be afraid to look through the old episodes - there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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