Show Notes Ep 050

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 050 Show Notes

Intro Music - “Relentless” by Peter John Ross

1. Intro

2. Crossed lines

3. Topics

What's your favorite Thunderbird?

Ever nearly killed a family member?

What should be invented?

Films Elton hasn't seen but should have.

4.  Alex Blake calls, congrats, Thunderbird hands, roller skate, call center calls, Icelands a shop? Never heard Stairway all the way through, holding breath during films, Dr Who.

5.  Brad Thornton (of Appytimes fame) calls, big Who fan, who's River Song? Playstation 3 is out Xbox is in, what's pwned? puppet hands, Turps, rosebud, bees! & bearpunch, Resounder, pigs vengeance, Talkshoe.

6. Animals in tv & film.

7. Closing

  • This episode’s moral (Emma Lou) - “Don’t throw Swing Ball bats at your nan”
  • Please, continue to write to us, tweet @ us, and let us know you’re out there.
  • Exit music: “Relentless” by Peter John Ross
  • Don’t be afraid to look through the old episodes - there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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