Show Notes Ep 086

An Apotheosis of a Bombast - Episode 086 Show Notes

Intro Music - “Relentless” by Peter John Ross

1. Intro and would you guys like a 2012 T-Shirt?

2. Bad backs, water bottles and M&M world.

3. The last lap of the Indy 500 2011

4. BBFC rejects The Human Centipede II and was there a film called Driller Killer?

5. Fritz the Cat

6. Teens warned of risks from 'vodka tampon' use.

7. Smurf racism and hobo clowns

8. Nurf gun fight

9. Closing, Don't forget Perspectives (A new blog about parenting and education).

  • This episode’s moral (Elton) - "Party @ Rico's"
  • Please, continue to write to us, tweet @ us, and let us know you’re out there.
  • Exit music: “Relentless” by Peter John Ross
  • Don’t be afraid to look through the old episodes - there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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